• Custom Jackets/Blazers

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    Jackets are Essential. Make them Versatile.

    Sports jacket is worn on its own i.e. with non-matching trousers or jeans unlike traditional suit which comes with matching colored trousers etc

    Sports jackets are usually made of cashmere wool, denim, tweed, cotton, corduroy or velvet.

    Blazer is nothing but a casual jacket with metal buttons. More often, blazers are used for uniform garments like in navy, air force, airline, school and yachting clubs. Blazers are eventually different from sport coats as a more formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics and often crafted with gold or silver buttons. Best tailored blazers are worn with wide array of other garments like jeans, trousers, shirt, t-shirt (round necked or V- necked). Blazers are often made of solid fabrics.

    A well fit and well cut double-breasted navy blue blazer with navy-styled buttons is quite popular in USA and UK and is particularly referred to as a "reefer" blazer which can be worn in casual business meetings and informal wear as well.